Festival 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Cork Puppetry Festival

This year’s festival continues to provide world class shows for children, families and adults. Our programme has a strong international contingent, presenting companies from Greece, Iceland, Germany and the UK as well as the best of Cork and Irish puppetry.

Indoor performances will be presented at the Granary Theatre and the Village Hall and we’re hosting two outdoor events this year, an opening event at Bishop Lucey Park, and the Puppet Picnic at Fitzgerald’s Park to close the festival where we’ll attempt to break the world record for the largest sock puppet gathering!

This year we will also be running a Festival Club where you can meet for coffee, book tickets or participate in puppet making workshops.

The club will be shared between the Village Hall (10am-6pm) and the Sin É (evenings).

We are pleased to welcome the UNIMA Research Committee as participants in our inaugural academic conference in Puppetry, Disability and Health in partnership with UCC.

Hope you enjoy the fourth Cork Puppetry Festival!

Clifton Dolliver

Festival Director