Micro Cinema Workshop with Gavin Glover

Presented by Cork Puppetry Festival & Corcadorca/Theatre Development Centre

Gavin Glover is a director, designer and puppeteer and was a founder member of the world renowned Faulty Optic Theatre of Animation which toured it’s dark and surreal puppet shows throughout Europe and beyond for over 20 years. The shows often included simple live video techniques to take audiences on journeys to extraordinary miniature cinematic worlds.

Gavin has developed these ideas to share in a workshop which he calls Micro Cinema Theatre suitable for all theatre practitioners.

What to expect

By using tiny video cameras we can explore everyday objects and materials to discover hidden details and little movements that are normally lost in a theatre space. Combine these discoveries with the more traditional forms of performance and we can create ‘Micro Cinema Theatre’

During this practical workshop we will play with scale, focus and light and explore 2 and 3 dimensional worlds and discover which materials and movements work best for the story we are trying to tell. We will improvise performance and importantly find ways to share the screen with the performers on stage.  

We will NOT use a computer – we will use low tech principles and never allow the technology to dominate. 

Participants will be asked to bring certain objects and materials and a list will be provided  before the workshop.

Thursday Aug 1st – Friday Aug 2nd
9.00am – 7pm
Theatre Development Centre.
Suitable for adults.
This is a free workshop with limited
places by application