Micro Puppetry Shorts

By  The Dowtcha Youth Ensemble

Come and witness the all-new, magical, marvelous Dowtcha Youth Ensemble: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be astonished and amazed! Join us for a series of original bunraku-style vignettes and a collection of micro-puppet shows devised by the ensemble – with each coming in at under 3 minutes, you can enjoy a delightful sample of work from Cork’s up-and-coming puppeteers, all in time for tea. Not to be missed!

Please note that this event has been moved from Bishop Lucy Park to St. Peter’s Cork.

Venue: St. Peter’s Cork, North Main Street.
Date:  Sun Aug 5th
Time: 1pm and 3pm
Age: 3+ & Family
Duration: 60 mins
Cost: This event is free of charge